As the 17th-generation operator of the traditional Japanese Ryokan “Fukuichi” in Ikaho Onsen, a hot spring town favored by many writers and artists as their sacred place of inspiration and relaxation, I learned the delicacy and the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

Yoju Fukuda was the 14th generation of my family to operate a “Kaichoro” in Ikaho, Gunma Prefecture. That’s why we are using the same name, but with a new concept and definition.

“Kaichoro” is written as 「諧暢楼」 in Chinese characters.
Each character represents special meaning of our new creativity:
The first character “Kai 「諧」” means integration, balance and harmony.
The second character “Cho 「暢」” means pleasure and relaxation.
And the third character “Ro 「楼」” means storied building.

I created a wellness resort on hotel floors inside an originally traditional Ryokan in order to provide the travellers seeking retreat and comfort away from home.
The goal of traveling, the pursuit of a journey, is to find a home away from home, where you can relax and feel at home while sampling the cuisine beyond your imagination in a space of tranquility?a place where you can totally relax your body, mind and soul, and feel the “touch your heart” service which will comfort you and make you as happy as in a harmonious dreamland where all your sorrows melt away and your body feels refreshed….

“Kaichoro” is precisely a place where we hope that as soon as you step in, you will admire the elegant atmosphere that integrates the exquisite taste of tradition and modernity with a uniquely fragrant and harmonious combination as a “New Japanese” concept style. It not only has a delightful architectural fusion design but also fine cuisine to satisfy your stomach and your soul as you drink all you need and want! “Eating is for the needs of body and drinking for the needs of soul”. You can also enjoy “state-of-the-art” Spa treatments that rejuvenate your body. Moreover, the personal, considerate butler service will manifest to you our true Japanese hospitality.

My ancestor, Yoju Fukuda, understood the true meaning of travel, and I’m inheriting this tradition and trying to make his dreams come true today.
Please come and stay at our “Kaichoro” so you can experience yourself a true hot spring paradise in a wellness retreat, gastronomy paradise and haven of comfort!
We warmly welcome YOU to our “Kaichoro「諧暢楼」”!

Yours truly,

Tomohide Fukuda

(The 17th-Generation Owner)